Coming Home to Yourself
5 Day Retreat in Italy
with Amona and Uta Büchler

This retreat is for anyone looking for gentle, yet profoundly transformative ways of relaxing with themselves and for opening into the lively adventure of not-knowing. When we live from these qualities, we feel creative, joyfully alive, deeply still, and at peace with life’s ever-changing inner and outer circumstances.

To encourage and support people in this direction, we are committed to creating supportive and safe spaces that allow life-changing processes to occur. For this, we have developed a very special five-day retreat with body-oriented therapies, verbal expression, silence, and dance in the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Italian countryside.


Focusing and  Authentic Movement, enriched by elements of  Somatic Experiencing® and the Feldenkrais Method®, will be our pathways of coming home to ourselves. Each of these approaches in its own unique way will support us in deepening our capacity of sensing and feeling, and for trusting our intuition. They will also help us to express ourselves in more warm, free, and honest ways.

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